JSC "JANUBSANOATMONTAJ" is engaged in the manufacture and production of the following types of metal structures:

Изготовление каркасов зданий, сооружений промышленного и гражданского назначения любой сложности:

Manufacture of frames for buildings, industrial and civil structures of any complexity:

From standard rolled metal
Welded I-beams;
Bent profiles, (non-standard I-beams of various sections).

In the production of metal frames, a rolled profile is used (I-beams of our own production, bent-welded profiles, channels), as well as sheet.

Manufacture of welded, sheet, arched structures

Production of communication masts

Manufacture of communication masts, searchlight masts and towers. Searchlight masts are designed for lighting and lightning protection of outdoor switchgear (ORG) of electrical substations with a voltage of 35-500 kV, fuel and lubricants warehouses and other petrochemical facilities.

The structures and scope of the masts are defined by the standard project series 3.407.9-172 "SEVZAPENERGOSETPROEKT"

Projector masts are designed for installation in construction areas with the following climatic conditions:

The average air temperature of the coldest five-day period is -40 ° C ... 50 ° C;
The wind load corresponds to the III wind region for structures installed on outdoor switchgear with a voltage of 500 kV.

When transporting searchlight masts and lightning rods by rail, the lower base sections (except PMS-24) are bolted and assembled at the construction site, as they exceed the rail gauge. When placing a serial order for towers and antenna-mast structures, it is recommended to perform a test assembly at the manufacturing plant.

Manufacture of flyovers

Inspection, loading and unloading, technological pipelines and cable overpasses. The material from which the flyovers are made is standard rolled metal, welded I-beams, bent profiles (non-standard I-beams of various sections).

We also produce steel structures for overpasses: columns, beams, frames, ties, floor trusses

Overpasses are made of low-alloy and ordinary types of steel, depending on the temperature conditions of the region of operation. For example, for industrial enterprises located in areas with low air temperatures, overpasses are made from low-alloy steel.

Support manufacturing

Production of supports for various industries: from engineering networks to oil pipelines. Supports are designed to fix pipelines on various metal structures and are necessary in the chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas processing and other industries.

The diameter of our supports
from 57 to 1500 mm

The materials from which the supports are made are carbon and low-alloy steels.

Communication tower manufacturing

Production of a communication tower (communication tower), of any height and complexity, depending on the operating conditions (wind loads, ice, snow) and regions.

Communication towers are designed for the construction of communication networks, trunking communications, radio relay or cellular communications.

Communication towers are made of steels of strength classes C 245, C345, C390 according to GOST 27772-88, 09G2S GOST 19281-2014.

Anti-corrosion protection of the towers is provided in accordance with the requirements of SNiP 2.03.11-85. The anti-corrosion coating of our products is carried out by modern paintwork materials.

Signal color marking of communication towers in accordance with the requirements of REGA RF-94 is carried out by alternating stripes of red and white colors, that is, section by section.

When placing a serial order for towers, it is recommended that a test assembly be carried out at the factory.

Production of a power transmission line support

Manufacture of power transmission towers for power lines with a voltage of 35 kV and above. Metal supports are lightweight and highly durable.

Power transmission towers are operated at air temperatures down to -65 ° C and are especially relevant in the regions of the Far North. The materials from which the power transmission line supports are made are a pipe and a corner. Metal structures are made of steel grade 09G2S in accordance with GOST 19281-2014, S345 in accordance with GOST 27772-2015.

We have experience in manufacturing and
supply of structures

OVER 170 M

We produce tubular transitional structures that are used when high-voltage lines pass through engineering structures or natural obstacles in the area (for example, water bodies). They are classified as special designs, the production and assembly of which is particularly difficult to perform.

We also produce power line angle poles. Tubular supports are made according to individual projects, corner supports - according to standard series.

  • Communication tower manufacturing
  • Manufacture of frames for buildings, industrial and civil structures of any complexity
  • Support manufacturing
  • Производство мачт связи в Ташкенте
    Production of a power transmission line support
  • Manufacture of flyovers
  • Production of communication masts